Our people
People are an integral part of any business. Our people are an enthusiastic and dedicated bunch, all driven by a passion for print and sign writing—from administration through to our production team. It’s about working together—we know that two heads are better than one. Crossroads Concepts employ 8 people in various roles and functions, we ensure all employees maintain a customer driven attitude and determination to improve their performance levels. Our sales team and graphic designers not only work directly with you to develop a creative marketing solution, they also collaborate with the production team on your projects. This collaborative approach ensures your satisfaction on every single project.

tonymitchellTony Mitchell
What he does: Manages the girls in the office (they let him think that), quotes most jobs best juggler we know. Printing is in his veins with over 30 years experience. His “outside the box” ability finds the answer for any situation that presents itself, making Tony our go to man.
Favourite Food: Scotch Whisky
Hobbies: Vegetable garden, motor sport, IPSC shooting

Shane Packard
What he does: Nobody knows what Shane does, but we suspect he’s out and about in the truck travelling the countryside, up the scaffold installing signs or talking to our clients. There is nothing Shane doesn’t know about signs. His experience has us doing some amazing work.
Favourite Food: Pork Chops and Nannygai
Hobbies: Running, watching the footy, fishing, shack life, wind surfing. Lives life to the full.

Helen Jeindl
Administration Officer
What she does: Helen is your first point of contact. She keeps us all in line and she knows where everything is. Book keeper extraordinaire, avid stationery collector. Enviable organiser and keeper of all knowledge. She’s our favourite because she processes the pays.
Favourite Food: Everything
Hobbies: Vegetable garden, reading, exploring sustainable living

Megan Collins
Graphic Designer
What she does: Megan draws the pretty pictures. She’s the girl who takes your loose collection of abstract ideas and helps you turn them into a strong visual concept which will grab the attention of your target market.
Favourite Food: Loves everything except peanuts and oysters
Hobbies: Walking her dog, Austin, reading, being a South Augusta WAG, making lists.

Skye Munns
Trainee Graphic Designer
What she does: Skye began work with us as a school based traineeship. Bubbly and extremely talented Skye is a solid contributor to our team. Crazy enough to fit in!
Favourite Food: Indian food
Hobbies: Cheerleading, drawing

Troy Petty
Production Leader and all rounder
What he does: Troy is one of our longest serving team members. He makes a great sign, manages quality control, gets out on site to help with installations – he’s our hands on do anything guy. If it stands still long enough . . . he can stick a sign to it.
Favourite Food: Italian
Hobby: Gardening, music and sports

Christie Mitchell
Sales, Marketing and business development
What she does: Christie comes to us with a wealth of sales experience and small business. Clocking up approximately 100 ideas a day we have to tighten the reigns on her sometimes. Passionate about everything she does Christie’s a good sort to have on your project.
Favourite Food: Beans – green, kidney, cannellini, chickpeas, broad, lima any kind of bean
Hobbies: Cooking, card making